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January 23rd 2018.    It’s now almost one year since the passing of Eldon. I am leaving most of the original text of this main page as it was written back in 2000. It exemplifies Eldon’s enthusiasm to keep the spirit of Whittingehame alive and its members connected. Louis Mandel

Welcome to www.whittingehame.com, which we know you will enjoy. Some of you are contacting this web-site for the very first time. It really is an amazing achievement -but after all we expect Whitniks to achieve great things.


Poor Jake. The closure of the school was an enormous blow to him. Now 600 Whitniks keep in touch through re-unions and other means. Modern technology enables old friends to re-establish close contacts and this album will clearly become a friend to many. If only Jake were still with us to witness it all ! Here we are in the year 2000 and Whitniks all over the world are still in close and frequent contact some third of a century after the school so sadly came to an abrupt end.
Louis Mandel and his associates have done a wonderful job which will bring delight to you and your families. In half a century from now Whitniks and their descendents will still be enthralled by all these pictures, which will be saved from rubbish bins and bon-fires by Louis's remarkable initiative.
Many of you will be able to locate photographic and other interesting items which Louis would love to have. There is a FAQ section which will help you to dispatch them safely. Please send in your greetings to show it is being used and appreciated and get in touch with remembered school friends (and others!) whose friendship you experienced and enjoyed all those years ago.


Some Whitniks visiting this site may not be on our lists or in the Directory. If you are one of these, please click on Register and fill out the FULL application form with your details (d.o.b., years at school, address – home and business – Tel, fax, mobile, email, professions or business). You will then be in touch with long lost friends.
Meanwhile, keep well and happy --and IN TOUCH
All the best. L ‘Chaim
Eldon (F.E.S.)

Come and travel into the past to see yourself, friends and teachers. If you have changed your address and would like to keep us informed, or never registered with Whittingehamian Club and want to enter the directory, now's your chance to do so in the Register.

To many of us it's been more than half a lifetime, yet memories of Whittingehame are still vividly in our minds. I hope you enjoy going through the material as much as I enjoyed putting it together.


There are now over 6000 photos in the albums, some 10,000 scanned pages of documents, 30 hours of audio and 6 hour of videos . Many thanks to Eldon Smith, Ivi Adler, Jacob Skopicki, Sami Jacobovitz, Jacob Fuchs, Humberto Kielmanowicz, Ian Woolf, Carlo Adler, Emil Klahr, Moshe Machover, Maurice Glynne, "Garty" Gartenberg, Michael Alfasi, Sami Kasuto, Ezra Homsany, Alan Bobroff, Julius Maslovat, Malcolm de Winter (Furman), Danny Gladstone, Willy Goldberg, Eddy Edelsburg, Farid Nonoo, Leonard Soames, Shalom (Mino) Naim, Beni Gurovitsch, Paul Wynblatt, Philip Prashner, David Romney, Eddy Edelsburg. Ebu Cohen, Anton Loew, Michael Alfasi, Eddie Cohen and many others for providing photos.

Special thanks must go to Emil Klahr who has provided us with a superb collection of photos from several school plays. See the "Dramatic Society" album. Ivi's contribution to the scrap-book is most valuable and we would welcome further items of such memorabilia. At long last, Ezra Homsany has returned his detention card!

All the credit for our directory must go to Eddy Edelsburg.  His tireless efforts in maintaining the directory is a valuable contribution to this site and will no doubt ensure the future well being of our club. If you haven't done so yet, please register. 

Please contact me or Eddy if you have any photos that you would like included. In particular, you will have noticed that the "pre-1950" album sadly lacks photos. For detailed instructions on how to get the pictures to me, please click on the FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Many thanks to my son Jeremy, without whose contribution these pages would not have been created.
Louis Mandel, (1959-66)