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December 10th, 2020

Joseph Safra

We are so sorry to lose a most wonderful friend from Whittingehame.  He was  generous in supporting the Club and many of its activities and helped to keep the spirit of Whittingehame thriving.  Our sincere condolences to his family.

Please refer to article in the NY Times.





November 8th, 2019

David Shrem

I'm sad to inform you that Dudi Shrem has passed away this evening.   Eddy Edelsburg
Friday November 8th, 2019

Bad news, such a nice guy, May he rest in peace. Jozef Pinto Sad news.  Difficult to accept.  Eli Gilbert Ben-
Very sad news...condolences to the family.  Danny U Very sad news!  Sincere condolences to the family.. David A
Very saddened to hear of Dudi's passing. 

We were close buddies at school. The two us were always up to some mischief and usually kept each others company on detention.  At our reunions, he would always light up when he saw me and give me a big hug.  Sadly no more.

My heartfelt condolences to his wife and family.
Louis Mandel 

Very sad news sincere condolences. Shoshi & Mark
Sad to hear.  Condolences to his family and friends.  Haim & Aitana
Condolences to the Shrem family, Etty & Soli Missri
So sad.  We just met again in Brighton after so many years.  Solly Levy Sad news - a very special person.  All my wishes to the family.  Michael Wahrhaft
Sad news indeed.  Heartfelt condolences.  Rosie and Ilan Very sad news.  Condolences to the family.  May he rest in peace.  Poldy and Iris Kula
Very very sad.  My condolences to the family.  Ammnon Paldi So sad, my deepest condolences to the family.  Jacob Fuchs
Sincerest condolences to the family RIP friend.  Miki Munzer A great guy.  Heartfelt condolences.  May he rest in peace.  Eli & Relly
Met Dudi in Cyprus when we were looking to move there.  Lovely man.  May his dear soul rest in peace.  Mervyn Cole Love and sorrow to his wife Lizzy and all the family.  We had a wonderful holiday in Cuba.  Will never forget.  Robby
Sincerest condolences to his family.  He was a wonderful and charming man.  I was happy to see him and his wife at the last reunion in Brighton.  May he rest in peace.  Ivi Adler My heartfelt condolences to the family.  May Dudi RIP.  Michael Gilerman
Sincere condolences to Dudi's family and God give them strength.  May he rest in peace.  Elie Dunnoos I join you in your grief Dudi's family.  May he Rest in Peace.  Azouri Ainatchi 
Dudi may U Rest in Peace with a cold glass of beer.  My sincere condolences to the family.  Uriel  



October 11th, 2019

Tribute to Simon Hatchwell

Dear Friends, I am sorry to inform you of the passing of our teacher Mr Simon Hatcwell. Please let the other Whittingehame boys know.

It was a pleasure seeing him in Brighton at the reunion. Four of us saw him at the Synagogue where he prayed the Haftora.

May He Rest In Pease.

Jack Abraham

It is with great sadness that we heard of the passing of Simon.  Having only just had the pleasure of joining the Hatchwells for tea at their house on Surrenden Rd, Simons sudden and unexpected death came as a shock. 

My acquaintance with Simon and Kirsten goes goes back to Handcross as a young pupil in the late 1950`s and we`ve kept in touch ever since.  Visiting Brighton will not be the same.

Our heartfelt condolences go to Kirsten and their children.
Louis & Tilly Mandel  

Michael Arwas, Louis and Tilly Mandel and myself had tea at his house on Surrenden road after the last reunion.  Ernest Sinyor

I had my Bar Mitzvah in Handcross in 1961. He was my teacher.
May he rest in peace.
Baruch Dayan Ha Emet.

AaronL 60-65

He was my Barmitzvah teacher in 1956 , Soli Missri
May he rest in peace. Haim & Aitana

Yehi Zichram Baruch....I remember him well although I never had him as a techer.
David Azagury


I had my Barmitzvah at Handcross and Simon was my instructor too. He was kind and patient with me for which I was forever grateful. MHDSRIP Mervyn Cole58-66

He also taught me my Bar Mitzvah which I had in Handcross.  So glad to have seen him a few months ago.  May he rest in Peace.
Ziggy Pflaster

I was another one of his Barmitzvah boys.  Nice man, kind and patient.  May he RIP.
Carlo Adler
Sorry to hear about Simon Hatchwell's passing.  I regret not seeing him at the recent Brighton reunion.  It brings back many happy memories of the man.  A true gentleman. 
Michael Rosenblatt 






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