About Us

December 19th, 2020

This site opened April 26, 1998, only 8 years after the invention of the world wide web and around the time social media was born.  I wasn't the first person to establish a place for Whittingehame on the web; that honour goes to Poly Kula who started a Whittingehame chat room.  My motivation came about when I uncovered a large box of old colour slide films which I wanted to share with fellow members.  It didn't take long after my first photos appeared on the web before I was inundated with material from fellow Whittingehamians who wanted to share their photos as well. The site just had a life of its own and  grew to its present self.  Eldon Smith got involved and started forwarding a lot of written material all of which I managed to post.  Eldon also set up a Whittingehame archive at Southampton University and most of the material I scanned eventually ended up there.

Eldon had a remarkable ability to recall details.  I would receive streams of emails from him identifying each boy on a photo. He didn't stop there.  He would know who that boys' father was, what profession or line of business he was in, who the boys' best friends were at school and what became after  he left the school.

When I first set up this website, the operating costs started to skyrocket and I told Eldon that unless something changed, I would have to shut it down.  Eldon managed to organise a whip-round and we managed to keep things going for the first couple of years.  Fortunately, the cost of operating a website had come down considerably since those early days and I managed to fund the site myself.  I have  decided to remove all solicitations from this website and delete those pages from this site.  However, I would like to thank those contributors for helping out in the early years and am taking the liberty of mentioning them here.  Guys, many thanks:  Jacob Skopicki, Beni Gurovitsch, Axel Stawski, Joseph Safra, Barrie Goldstein Isaac Jebreel, Nissan Boury, Simon Stauber, Aaron Lichtschein and Anthony Glynne.

When I first started, the members directory gave me a lot of grief. Eldon had one list of names, David Azagury another, Eddy Edelsburg yet another and I had my own list. In many cases, email addresses and other details differed from one list to another.  Wouldn't it be great if we all worked from one list, accessible online to those administrating the list?  and in 2007 I explored the possibility of putting a data base on the web so as to achieve this common list.  And so cloud computing was invented!

Eddy Edelsburg has been taking care of our directory since 2008 and has done a wonderful and diligent job of maintaining the integrity of the data.  Eddy is your direct link to the members and can update you on the whereabouts of your friends.  He will forward you the password to our directory and respond to any questions you have on the Contact Us page.

Sadly with the passing of time, many of our friends and members are no longer with us. I've tried to acknowledge them whenever details have been forwarded to me, but for anyone I've missed, my apologies and sincerest condolences.  

With the advent of social media, this website no longer functions as a gathering point for Whittingehamians.  You can find this activity on platforms created by other members.  Check out WhatsApp and Facebook.  This Whittingehame website has returned to it's original mission, an archive for its members.